Wednesday 24th June 2015

Posted on June 24, 2015 at 11:05 AM

OMG! I have not updated in nearly 3 weeks! I am SO sorry about that! ANYWAY... today was quite good!

In English we were writing complex sentences about volacanos and one of mine was a bit morbid... "As the magma ran throughout the city, villagers were being burnt alive"... It is sort of like an extract from Ethan's "A Boy' Death Wish" *shivers* Uurgh!

In Maths we were doing angles and I was STABTACULAR! It wasn't exciting but nonetheless I was FABULOUS!

In third session we had to do P.E (Oh no! Is his ghost writing this?) and we HAD to Distance and I got completley out of breath and had to do it AGAIN but soon after we had roast dinner for lunch whic was INCREDIBLE!

At 1PM, Me, Mei Ting, Charlie Pickwell and Fern [REDACTED] went to Haven High to do a Boston Schools KS2 Quiz and... WE CAME IN 1ST PLACE!!!! OH MY F***ING GOD! YES! YES! Anyway... we got 2025/2500 possible ponts which is basically 81% out of the possible amount we could have gotten! If you read this then shushhhhhh because Mr Schofeild is going to tell te WHOLE school on Thursday!

We've finally got our Wii back in the Games Room but the charger doesn't work so we're going to get a new one once we get the GameCube installed.

Sayonara, Arigatou, Ben

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